My book is sold out! There are no more in the stores, no more at Amazon, not even right here on my own website The book books I mean. You can still buy it here as an ebook. The title is "Breaks, Brains & Balls", which is a short-hand code for how to make it big in this world, like I did.
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This is my life story. I have a very good memory, very good, and this is the way I remember it, from a little boy in Sicily, watching my mother in her outdoor kitchen, fanning the fire beneath the big cooking pot with a raven's wing, to now, in my penthouse apartment in Rio De Janeiro with the most beautiful young girl in Brazil for my companion.

Do you think it was easy, getting to this paradise? No. Like the book says, it took breaks, brains and balls every step of the way, from a street-smart runaway kid in New York City to owning the Mustang Ranch east of Reno, putting millions into a Swiss bank account and thumbing my nose at the IRS all the way.

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In Nevada a man can do anything he's big enough to do, so long as he don't hurt nobody else.
— Joe Conforte